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And the Leica M9 information, as well as Leica M9 manuals had simply been deleted, as if the camera had never existed.

My setting is very simple in that I set it to 200 ISO outdoor and 3200 ISO indoor and in the evenings. I have experienced people who was unaware of this taking JPG pictures a while day when they thought they were photographing in DNG.The JPG fine has the same resolution as the DNG in terms of pixel resolution and print size. The difference is that a DNG (Digital Ne Gative) is the entire raw data set from the sensor, whereas the JPG fine is one flat layer of data.The JPG is a "final file" whereas the DNG is all the raw data the sensor recorder, enabling you to change the exposure, colors, etc based on actual recording data.There is also a JPG basic setting but that is simply a JPG file that is about 1/3 the resolution of the JPG fine.

I cannot see any reason whatsoever to use other than JPG fine.

I generally would advice against setting and using User Profile.