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24-Jul-2017 08:37

Pay Pal is one of the most widely accepted methods of online payment in the world; it only makes sense that many e-commerce sites use it as a means of accepting payment from their customers.

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The idea was to have a Paypal button which would allow users to pay for 1 month subscription at a time and give them instant access.

The form is populated with values from the App Settings; Business is your business email address and notify_url is the URL of the IPN listener.

The form action is set to either the sandbox or live Paypal url depending on a setting in the web.config file.

The primary way that this happens is via the Instant Payment Notification.

PDT is an alternative way of allowing your website to show order information to your customers once they return back to your website and is needed for customers making purchases on their mobile phones.PDT on the other hand happens when the user either clicks on the “Goc back to merchant website” link (your return url) or when the user is redirected to your website immediately after purchase.