Validating steam cache files

15-Jul-2017 01:40

Steam support suggested it once and it got me out of a problem I had, so I try it again on occasion.

validating steam cache files-54

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If something goes whacky with your game, this sometimes fixes it.

Thats gonna help a lot, thanks man helping me a lot.

About the others im waiting some feedback on the validate problem, mine is solved.

Heres a image: bigger problem with this its that i cant edit the items in-game, i try to drag items but it doesnt work.

Yesterday i found a Backup "itembuilds" folder of D2RIC that fixed the Medusa, Meepo and Timbersaw issue but the problem its that i yet cant validate the files.

The Acorn helmet is actually VERY fitting since it's natural shape is used.

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