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Sitting beside his wife, Manitha, Singh read from a prepared statement that made no mention of Durban socialite Roseann Narandas nor the mirror-decked hotel room where they were allegedly caught on film.

"I find it sad that something that should be personal, private and absolutely beyond intrusion should have become part of the public domain," he said.

Singh then outlined his contribution to public life and read confidently from the statement, until he reached the paragraph that announced his resignation from the provincial legislature.

"There comes a time when enough is enough," he said tearfully, turning to the downcast Manitha, who placed a supportive hand on her husband's arm.

As I read more & more on Kashmir( many online materials as well ), I get more & more perplexed on the issue. Was it only an ego clash between India & Pakistan that made an endless bleeding for years or the internal bleeding & gradual debacle of Kashmir was already there when it was under the rule of Dogra dynasty ?

Was this sacred land which was once predominantly populated by Hindus really ruled well by her Hindu rulers at the end of 18th century ?

The modern Kashmiri language in which today’s people speak in the valley has more than 60% words which are originated from Sanskrit.

Needless to mention that the devil role of Pakistan since 1947 has also been told like folk lore.

Asked if he would ever accept any elected or appointed public position, he replied: "I don't know," before being hustled away by his family.

In his statement, Singh said: "I intend continuing to serve the community, as I began" (as the treasurer of a local school board).

I am not prepared to sacrifice the pride and dignity of my family at the altar of blackmail and political back-stabbing.

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My family is the sum of my happiness." Singh said that he had made peace with "my maker and my wife".His voice choked with emotion, Narend Singh on Tuesday succumbed to the cloak-and-dagger sex scandal that has consumed his life by resigning from his Kwa Zulu-Natal cabinet post.