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Finding out that I could still enjoy a physical relationship was …' She searches for the word. I thought that whole side of my life had died, but with Michael it's been revived.' From Wayne Rooney to Tiger Woods, barely a day seems to pass without male infidelity making the headlines.But today the guilt that tormented these classic heroines is largely missing.Thousands of women like Sheila are enjoying what they believe to be no-strings flings. Some of my friends ride, some sing in choirs, I have Michael.' The number of people having affairs is impossible to know, as few are truthful about their sex lives, but the recent Way We Are Now nationwide survey conducted by Relate showed that 34 per cent of women respondents admitted to being unfaithful, compared with 32 per cent of men.I`m a woman with a big imagination and open to new games to play.

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'I went out and spent a fortune at Myla on gorgeous transparent bras and G-strings – things I'd stopped wearing for my husband, Peter, even before we were married.