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For 5 months, we travelled through Central Asia on vintage motorbikes, starting from New Delhi and heading back to Brussels, our hometown.We wanted to experience adventure away from the beaten path and make authentic encounter with the local population.They were lining up in front of the only shop of the village to buy large supplies of bottled water, to stock them until the next shop which was a very long distance.What a pain this is, when the water is expensive and it will be hot in a few hours.

Thanks to the Life Straw, we didn’t have to wait hours for a pill to be effective or to wait for the next village to buy bottled water.It is light, super strong, and small So you can attach it almost anywhere on your bags or even in your pockets.The Life Straw Go, the bigger version from the Life Straw Steel.And when the sun is hitting 40°C, you better have a few liters with you all the time!

That makes a lot of weight to carry and a lot of garbage to throw away. This is where Life Straw, a portable water filtering solution, came into the trip.

It is basically a bottle with a threaded cap and the filter inside.