Divorce dad and dating

18-Dec-2017 02:56

They also must be dedicated to having both parents remain actively and responsibly involved in parenting.Children need a great deal of reassurance that both parents love them and are going to be available to them.Children must know that parents' love for their children never goes away or changes.

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" It is very important for parents to help their children understand that the love between two adults is entirely different than the love parents have for their children.

They also need to be told that they can continue to love everyone in the family just as they always have.

Questions About Divorce - #2Will you ever get back together?

Children can only understand what their age allows.

That said, you must also avoid the temptation to "tell all" simply as a means of influencing your child to side with you.

You can let them know that you understand that they wish it could be different and that you also understand that it would make them very happy if you could reunite. You tried for a long time and it would only cause more pain and sadness to try again. If you are separated and not sure if you are going to divorce, tell your children something to the effect that you don't yet know how things are going to work out.