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03-Jul-2017 18:14

Why we’re interested: Transgender and queer individuals have long been marginalized in the media or reduced to curiosities or tragic characters.With series like “Orange Is the New Black,” “Transparent” and “I Am Cait,” more transgender characters appear on the screen, but there are many more stories waiting to be told — especially stories told by transgender and queer women themselves.I mean we’re talking about it right now, aren’t we?I’m calling it 50 FAT DATES since I’m fat (duh) and I’ll be going on 50 dates (double duh).Surely one date a week for a year should unearth a diamond in the rough relationship worth polishing (as long as I remember you can’t polish a turd.) I’ll be casting a wide net: online dating, meetups, introductions via friends, family and work colleagues, dating events, big girl clubs, conferences, weekends away, weddings and networking mixers.That’s just a few on my list and feel free to add suggestions.With so many trans creatives behind and in front of the camera, “Her Story” will depicting the everyday lives and concerns of trans women rather than creating a freak show or a tragic tale.The deadline: Help the filmmakers complete post-production by supporting the Indiegogo campaign before September 14.

Feel free to learn from the pending plus size dating disasters. Or as my good friend Tam always says “It’s all about the churn and burn when it comes to dating, Kels.” Seriously though, I’m hoping to find myself a good man and rather than sitting at home wondering why I’m single I’m putting my big booty out there and actually going on dates.

I’m also aiming for a cross section of men so I don’t go after the same ‘type’ of guy.

Actually, I intend on dating outside my type in order to mix it up. It’s plus size dating not a quest to have a string of one night stands and sleep with fifty guys in a year.

That word that in itself is just a descriptor but by association carries all the reasons why anyone overweight would avidly avoid dating apps: the fear of being immediately branded fat and undesirable with no chance to show off how funny, smart, kind or beautiful you are because in the online dating world fat trumps all.

While Woo Plus has faced backlash on these grounds, it’s important to note that it is not a demographic miscalculation on their part that is to blame, but rather, it is society’s perception of what is normal and what is not that doesn’t match up with actual size statistics.

What it’s about: A web series about two transgender women in Los Angeles who are feeling isolated and insecure, but start breaking out of their shells when they meet potential love interests they feel they can open up to.

According to entertainment reporter Viviana Vigil, a commentator in an episode of the Reelz TV series Broke & Famous, Watkins spent ,000 a month and owed 0,000 on her home despite a reported income of ,000 a month.… continue reading »

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