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20-Jan-2018 06:07

Motorola also made mention of the GSM Motorola Q , which has been renamed the Motorola Q 8, but did not say whether it would launch this product in the United States.

As you may recall, the company said back at CTIA 2007 that it had no plans to bring the Q 8 stateside because there was no interest.

For more on today's announcements, check out fellow Craver Kent German's post .

Bonnie Cha is a senior editor for CNET, covering smartphones and GPS.

I think its a lot more valid than we may want to admit.

And, there’s one more thing: We have to remember that we Humans are only at the top of the foodchain, not apart from it.

Because Betas don’t have the raw Sexual power that Alphas have, I would expect to find an average amount of Sexual aspects at work here, along w/more "nuturing" astro markers-perhaps a strong Moon, or Jupiter, maybe a strong Neptune, something like that. This is where we all can really jump in and toss the ball around.

So there you have it, the Three Male Types per Evolutionary Theory as set forth by Half Sigma.

This is especially true when it comes to things like "Synastry" which in so many ways, is a proxy for saying that we want astrology to help us get laid, and/or get laid more often. Welcome to my astroblog, a sort of running commentary of the day's events as well as my thoughts from a decidely astrological perspective with the heart and soul of a public intellectual.I love feedback, the good, bad and ugly, so feel free to chime in with your comments.Half Sigma often takes us themes and issues that greatly interest me, and I suspect, interests others but would never openly so say in public, such as Race, Class & Sex, to name just a few.

Yesterday while "thumbing" through his archive, I ran accross something that seems perfectly fitted for a forum entitled "Evolutionary Astrology".Although she may not be the cat’s meow, it sure beat beating off for the rest of one’s life.