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10-Oct-2017 04:04

Founder of Chatbot’s Life, where we help companies create great chatbots and share our insights along the way. Best way to chat directly and see my latest projects is via my Personal Bot: Stefan’s Bot.Currently, I’m consulting a number of companies on their chatbot projects.Lots of people who threw themselves wholeheartedly into using their internet-enabled smartphones to fire off awkwardly posed portraits have been humiliated, whether by the hand of vengeful exes, criminal hackers or idiot mates.“It would seem that the air around us is fecund with millions of digitally rendered todgers and front-bottoms, pinging back and forth, one for you, one for me, the atmosphere thick and frantic with voyaging gonads travelling at a little less than the speed of light,” observed Rod Liddle in this week’s Spectator magazine, advising celebrities, politicians and ordinary folk to take the fail-safe security measure of not taking any pictures in the first place.

Created on the basis of Hi Bot, Mortgage Bot differs from the others with its practical and secific purposes.

If you send a snap that is too short to be screen-shotted - experts recommend on or below the 3-second mark, unless your partner has especially quick fingers - then you are safe. ' • Revenge porn and Snapchat However, now, people who want to save the photos can pay to replay and screenshot them. The majority of Snapchat users are quite young, teenagers and people in their early twenties.

It isn't inconceivable that someone could use the apparent non-permanent nature of the platform to coax another person into sending them - then paying to replay and screenshot the picture.

Other apps — like NQ Vault — also allow users to pretend contacts and your communications with them don’t exist.

Snapchat remains the method of choice for cautious sexters because its auto-delete function makes the image disappear after a few seconds and despite a few scares about supposedly disappeared pictures being extracted from phones, it seems to be fairly well trusted among amateurs.

Quick, accessible, easy-to-use technology with no consequences for what you post?

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