Asus bios not updating

01-Jul-2017 02:52

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Once I had downloaded T100TASAS.307, I had no problem using this file to flash the BIOS of the T100 with Win Flash. Now, finally, perhaps I can try installing Linux on the T100 in a dual-boot format with Windows 8.1 References: Asus T100 Ubuntu ASUS Transformer Book T100 – Support – Driver & Tools Desk_Download/ (Video) Download the BIOS files and the BIOS flash tools. keyword=BIOS update (Video) Use ASUS Winflash to update BIOS in the Windows Operation System. keyword=BIOS update How To Update your ASUS Computer / Laptop’s BIOS! Hi guys, I'm trying to update my BIOS for my ASUS G72GX, and I've downloaded the correct bios files from the asus website.

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However, when I try to use winflash to update, the program doesn't find the ROM files that I've downloaded.

I've also tried using winflash through the bios setup screen. I'm updating my bios to up the temperature limit, as I find when playing anything remotely new my laptop turns down the GPU clock speed and my game just grinds down to a slideshow.

Now every time I try updating the bios 304 with ASUS live manager, it does the same thing of downloading it, giving me the 20% battery message, and then checks fr updates and doesn't install it.

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Upon updating my Asus bios from version 0804 to version 1603 my screen flickers when Windows XP welcome screen appears.

I am trying to follow the instructions for installing Ubuntu Linux on the T100 that can be found on the Google web site: Asus T100 Ubuntu.